Electrical contact system

Schematic of the contact system
Schematic of the contact system

The electrical contact system, consisting of a pantograph, a contact head and a roadside contact hood, was developed by Schunk Transit Systems GmbH in collaboration with the Fraunhofer IVI.

The development aim was to safely transmit high electric capacities, and the currents associated with them, to a stationary vehicle via a compact and robust system. In order to enable the automation of the process, this system was developed as an alternative to plugin systems, which need to be connected manually.

This construction makes fast contact closure possible using only one actuator for positioning the contact head inside the roadside contact hood. No additional actuators (e. g. servo motors) are required.

The contact system developed grants the bus a generous positioning tolerance regarding the roadside contact hood, which will pose no problem for the driving staff. In addition, the contact system balances out sideway movements of the vehicle during the so-called kneeling.



Technical data
Number of poles: 4 (positive, negative, PE, CP)
Maximum voltage:
750 VDC
Maximum current:
500 A permanent
  1000 A for 30 sec
Operating temperatures:
 -30°C to 65°C
Positioning tolerance:
1000 mm direction of travel (adaptable by request)
  750 mm laterally