Modified traction equipment

Components of the traction equipment
Components of the traction equipment

The modular concept developed by Vossloh Kiepe GmbH combines the tried-and-tested traction equipment of serial hybrid buses with fast chargeable batteries and their corresponding charging technologies:

  • Integration of the recharging functionalities
  • Balancing of the battery modules while driving
  • Electrification of the auxiliaries (air compressor, power steering pump)
  • Enhancement of vehicle network services
  • Safety and energy management


During both the fast charging process and the recuperation of braking energy, the individual battery modules can over time develop differing states of charge, e. g. due to temperature variations or varying module-internal resistances.

Experience gained in other projects shows that the complete battery displays a better performance when its individual modules are balanced. Because of this, Vossloh Kiepe developed an energy management system that evens out the battery modules’ state of charge while on the road. The balancing results in a more uniform load distribution over the modules, thus maximizing their life cycle.